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Erbatips carts CBD and 1:1

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Erbatips work with your standard 510 battery and are made of high quality full spectrum cannabis and hemp distillate.

CBD Pure is great for alleviating a number of daily ailments without a psychoactive response (no ‘high’). Relieve pain, inflammation, nausea, depression, anxiety and more!
1:1 Indica is One of the most effective strains for alleviating daily physical ailments. The combination of CBD and Indica eases pain, inflammation, migraines, and more serious illnesses such as epilepsy and symptoms of cancer treatment. It will also improve appetite and alleviate nausea. Lower psychoactive response.
1:1 Sativa is Ideal for improving your mood and energy. The combination of CBD and Sativa effectively relieves physical ailments as well as eases stress and anxiety.

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CBD pure, 1:1 THC/CBD indica, 1:1 THC/CBD sativa

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